Timars OHA

Overheight frame

The Timars OHA – frame is a fully automatic overheight spreader which has been developed in order to assist operators with the safest and most efficient handling of oversized goods such as flats, bolsters and open top containers.

The OHA – frame is attached under any parent spreader with ISO standard base measurements. Securing of the frame is completed by the twistlocks of the parent spreader only. The OHA frame then acts as ”extended legs” to the parent spreader. This provides a much improved, safer and faster method of handling goods when compared to using chain slings etc. No adjustments or additional equipment is required to the parent spreader when attaching or removing the Timars OHA – frame.


The locking of the twistlocks of the Timars OHA – frame is a fully mechanical operation and works on the ’gravity and lift’ principle, therefore no external power supply or hydraulics are required during spreader attachment or operation.  Locking and unlocking operations of the twistlocks is made by lifting the overheight spreader.


The fully mechanical operation leads to less down-time and operational advantages for example Timars OHA frame is not dependant on the pressure of the parent spreader twistlocks or a malfunction in a hydraulic system due to temperature differences. This all provides benefits to the operator by minimising the maintenance requirements and associated costs. See animation for method of operation.


The OHA – frame is available in a range of configurations. Select from telescopic 20ft – 45ft or fixed frames available to suit 20ft & 40ft ISO containers. There are also various free overheight options available.  The low tare weight and unique telescope system leads to simple adjustment of the frame. The parent spreader must be allowed to telescope when in a locked twistlocks mode.


Each OHA – frame is delivered ready for assembly in 3 main sections. Consisting of 2 short side profiles and 1 central beam. Supplying the frame in this unassembled state provides considerable cost saving in freight. The frame is easily assembled in less than 1 hour. Once assembled the frame is ready for immediate use.


The Timars OHA – frame is fully compatible with all current parent spreaders used for ISO containers   measuring 20ft – 45ft in length. All four twistlocks must be used when operating the OHA. The parent spreader must be allowed to telescope when in a locked twistlocks mode.


Safety systems
The Timars OHA – frame is an intelligent spreader that helps the operator to take control of some possible external errors that may occur , such as parts partly blocking the inside of the corner casting, skewed corner castings, frame resting on one or several twistlock(s).

Safety Twistlock Blocking -system (STB-system): 
The OHA-frame is equipped with an intelligent STB-system that blocks the twistlock(s) from turning if it is resting incorrectly on top of a flat/ box or the quay. Each twistlock is also fitted with a control-pin which blocks the twistlock from locking when the twistlock fails to align in the correct position.

Safety Torque Limitation -system (STL-system):
If a twistlock operation is prevented, either from STB-System or a restriction due to other factors, the Safety Torque Limitation system (STL-system) will allow the parent spreader to remain attached, and lift the OHA-frame, however the twistlocks of the OHA-frame will remain in the open position. This unique system allows the operator to lift the parent spreader with the attached OHA-frame, in order to inspect the flat/container for errors. All four twistlocks are mechanically connected together which means that if one twistlock is prevented from locking then all twistlocks will remain unlocked.

Safety Twistlocks Emergency -system (STE-system): 
When the frame is resting on the goods, each of the OHA – frame twistlocks can be operated manually by turning by hand or if restricted by the use of a standard tool. The innovative design removes the risk of error of an incorrect position when returning the frame twistlock to its normal operating position.

Safety Operational Control – system (SOC-system)
The Timars OHA – frame is equipped with an onboard solar powered PLC-system that monitors and ensures the safe release of the goods.

When the final location for the cargo has been determined and positioned, the operator simply opens and closes the parent spreader twistlocks, this operation unblocks the OHA – frame ratchet mechanism and releases the connection between OHA – frame and cargo.


The OHA – frame twistlocks change position and reset when the parent spreader and OHA – frame are lifted clear of the cargo.


If for any reason, the operator reconsiders the final location for the cargo after opening and closing the parent twistlocks, then by waiting a short period of time the mechanism will automatically returned to the blocked position and when lifting, the OHA-frame will remain connected to the cargo.


Should this system not suit the operator for any reason, then it can be simply by-passed with a manual control valve, ensuring the OHA – frame twistlocks unblock as the normal operation every time when lifting the parent spreader.


Twistlock indicators rotating drums (one per side, on the operators left hand side when facing long side) are included to indicate to the driver of the crane, reach stacker, straddle carrier or any other handler, the status of the twistlocks of the OHA-frame. Standard colour system comprises Dark green = OHA open twistlocks and dark red = OHA locked twistlocks.


Timars OHA verktyg.
Timars OHA verktyg.
Timars OHA verktyg lyfter container.




Fixed 20ft, Fixed 40ft
Telescopic 20-45ft


6052mm (20ft)
12185mm (40ft)


2430 mm

Free height:

From 1,8m up to 3,0m

Total height:

Free height +0,95m


From 2500kg up to 3000 kg



Paint specifications

According to A4.08.C4 medium.

Degreasing, Abrasive blasting to Sa 2.5, 80u EP, 160u PUR topcoat.

Color: RAL 1028 (Yellow).

Total painting thickness: total 240 microns