Timars gravity centrelizer

Stevedoring companies and ship-owners are today focusing on methods to provide safer and more rapid handling of cargo.

The Timars Gravity Centrelizer offers a unique method to safely control the handling of cargo that have a centre of gravity offset from the centre of the load due to either incorrectly stowed cargo or through an asymmetric design.


With the Timars Gravity Centrelizer the crane operator is able to adjust and set a correct lifting point to ensure the cargo is handled in a safe and correct way. This means a reduced risk of jammed containers in cell guides and collisions due to side way movements from uneven loads. The Centrelizer can operate with any brand of fixed frame 20ft or 40ft container spreaders. The Centrelizer has an extremely low tare weight of only 425 kg.


The Centrelizer is equipped with 2 x master links 400x200x50 50T (grade 8) and 2 x shackles KL-8 M42 40T (grade 8) for attaching to the crane twin-hook.


The attachment to the fixed frame spreader is via a 32mm chain, grade 8, The chain is 2976 mm long (the chain is used to provide load centralising) and is supplied with anchor shackle KL-8 M42 40T to each end, connected to 2 x 2-part wire slings to the spreader.

Safety Wheel Blocking system (SWB-system): 
The chain wheel has a patent pending integrated safety wheel blocking system that automatically prevents the chain wheel from turning when the main sling/chains are under tension from the load.


In order for the crane operator to change the lifting position, the lowering of the gravity Centrelizer will provide slackness to the chain. Then the chain wheel will be unblocked and the lifting point can be changed by slewing the crane and passing chain through the chain wheel until the correct position is obtained.


Närbild på ett lyftverktyg.
Närbild på ett lyftverktyg.
Lyftverktyg lyfter container.
Lyftverktyg lyfter container.